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Comment on Zoolander: Apple Computer

Release: 2001-09-28
Apple Computer Scene
Clip Description
Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) attempt to find files off Mugatu's (Will Ferrell) computer. Both Derek and Hansel have no clue how to work computer, and need the files to save Derek from killing the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Movie Description
Clear the runway for Derek Zoolander, VH1's three-time male model of the year. His face falls when hippie-chic "he's so hot right now" Hansel scooters in to steal this year's award. The evil fashion guru Mugatu seizes the opportunity to turn Derek into a killing machine. Its a well-designed conspiracy and only with the help of Hansel and a few well-chosen accessories can Derek make the world safe.
Ben Stiller
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