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Release: 2011-07-29
The Smurfs
Toy Store Scene
Clip Description
While inside the toy store, Clumsy Smurf (Anton Yelchin) is mistaken for a toy, but when the clerk tries to ring him out Clumsy comes to life and scares the customers. Smurfette (Katy Perry) discovers stuffed animal unicorns.
Movie Description
When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours -- in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.
Sony Pictures Animation, Sweet Sinner, Kerner Entertainment Company