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Release: 2008-07-25
Step Brothers
Old Bull, Young Calf Scene
Clip Description
Dale is talking with his dad, before Nancy and Brennan move in. Dale tells his dad, "Suppose Nancy sees me coming out the shower,and she decides to come on to me. I'm looking good, I got a luscious "V" of hair going from my chest pubes down to my ball fro. She takes one look at me,and she goes omg I've had the old bull now i want the young calf,and she grabs me by the wiener."
Movie Description
Brennan Huff and Dale Doback might be grown men. But that doesn't stop them from living at home and turning into jealous, competitive stepbrothers when their single parents marry. Brennan's constant competition with Dale strains his mom's marriage to Dale's dad, leaving everyone to wonder whether they'll ever see eye to eye.
Adam McKay
Mosaic Media Group, Relativity Media, Apatow Productions