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Comment on Song For Marion: Old Age Pensionerz

Release: 2013-02-08
Song For Marion
Old Age Pensionerz Scene
Clip Description
Elizabeth (Gemma Arterton) comes up with a band name for the women. She suggest that they add a "Z" to the end of it.
Movie Description
A feel-good, heart-warming story about how music can inspire you. Song for Marion stars Terence Stamp as Arthur, a grumpy pensioner who can't understand why his wife Marion (Vanessa Redgrave) would want to embarrass herself singing silly songs with her unconventional local choir. But choir director Elizabeth (Gemma Arterton) sees something special in the reluctant Arthur and refuses to give up on him. As she coaxes him out of his shell, Arthur realizes that it is never too late to change.
Paul Andrew Williams