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Release: 1998-09-11
Rounders Final Hand
Clip Description
Watch as Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) plays Teddy KGB (John Malkovich) in this final hand of poker. As KGB flips over the last card, aka 'The River', he ask young Mike McDermott, "It hurts doesn't it? Your hopes dashed, your dreams down the toilet. And your fate is sitting right besides you." KGB proceeds to say,"I Bet it all." What KGB doesn't know is that Mike flopped the nuts straight. KGB becomes very upset and screams out, "Nyet! Nyet! No More! No! Not tonight! This son of bitch, all night he, "Check. Check. Check." He trap me!"
Movie Description
Fueled by his penchant for high-stakes gambling, law student Mike McDermott befriends and "befoes" a fellow gambling addict named Worm and club owner Teddy KGB. But tensions run high when Worm and Mike have only five days to come up with $15K.
John Dahl