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Comment on Rookie of the Year: "Funky Butt Lovin"

Release: 1993-07-07
Rookie of the Year
"Funky Butt Lovin" (Doctor Office) Scene
Clip Description
Henry (Thomas Ian Nicholas) hits the doctor in the face and the doctor yells out, "Funky Butt Lovin!"
Movie Description
Rookie of the Year is a light-hearted comedy about a 12-year-old baseball fan who, despite his love for the sport, can't play the game at all. During one Little League contest, he breaks his arm. After it heals, it miraculously becomes a super-human arm that can out-pitch any player in the major leagues. The boy joins the Chicago Cubs and helps lead them to the World Series. Though the plot is silly and contrived, it's a pleasant film that is ideal for young sports fans.
Daniel Stern