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Comment on Eyes Wide Shut: "I Was Ready to Give Up Everything"

Release: 1999-07-16
Eyes Wide Shut
"I Was Ready to Give Up Everything" Scene
Clip Description
While smoking dope in her bedroom with her physician husband Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise), Alice Harford (Nicole Kidman) revealed that she had contemplated an affair a year earlier with a young naval officer when they were vacationing as a family at Cape Cod, with their young daughter Helena.
Movie Description
A chillingly distant examination of carnal desire and obsession ignited by an argument over fidelity between Dr. Bill Hartford and his wife, which sends the physician reeling into the Manhattan night. He soon finds himself in a surreal succession of sexually charged encounters, capped off by a clandestine visit to an upper-crust orgy.
Stanley Kubrick
Warner Bros. Pictures, Hobby Films, Pole Star