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Comment on D-Tox: Malloy Taunted By Killer

Release: 2002-01-04
Malloy Taunted By Killer Scene
Clip Description
FBI agent Jake Malloy (Sylvester Stallone) is pursuing a serial killer who specializes in killing police officers. Malloy's former partner becomes one of the victims. While Malloy is at his partner's home, the murderer calls Malloy from Malloy's home while Mary (Dina Meyer), his girlfriend, is there. The killer tells Malloy that he pursued him four years before for a series of prostitute murders; he is holding a grudge and he's going to kill Mary.
Movie Description
A disgraced FBI agent with a drinking problem joins nine other troubled law enforcement officers at an isolated detox clinic in the wilds of Wyoming. But the therapeutic sanctuary becomes a nightmarish hellhole when a major snowstorm cuts off the clinic from the outside world and enables a killer on the inside to get busy.
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