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Comment on Dr. No: "Bond, James Bond"

Release: 1962-10-05
Dr. No
"Bond, James Bond" (Poker) Scene
Clip Description
While sitting at the poker table, James Bond (Sean Connery) famously says, "Bond, James Bond."
Movie Description
When Strangways, the British SIS Station Chief in Jamaica goes missing, MI6 send James Bond - Agent 007 to investigate. His investigation leads him to the mysterious Crab Key; the secret base of Dr No who he suspects is trying to sabotage the American space program using a radio beam. With the assistance of local fisherman Quarrel, who had been helping Strangways, Bond sneaks onto Crab Key where he meets the beautiful Honey Ryder. Can the three of them defeat an army of henchmen and a "fire breathing dragon" in order to stop Dr No, save the space program and get revenge for Strangways? Dr. No is the first film of legendary James Bond series starring Sean Connery in the role of Fleming's British super agent.
Terence Young
United Artists, Eon Productions