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Release: 1999-09-24
Double Jeopardy
Phone Call To Son Scene
Clip Description
On a phone call to her son Matty (Benjamin Weir) from prison, Libby (Ashley Judd) hears her son call out daddy on the other end, but daddy is supposed to be dead, soon after the phone then goes dead.
Movie Description
Libby Parsons awakens to find herself adrift at sea, with her husband missing and her hands covered with his blood. She's arrested for murder and loses everything, including her son. But while in prison, Libby finds out she's been framed. Now, the law of "double jeopardy" -- and the desire to kill her "late" husband for good -- is all Libby has left, even if it means outwitting her sympathetic parole officer.
Bruce Beresford
Paramount Pictures