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Release: 2004-02-27
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
Your A Pretty Good Dancer Scene
Clip Description
Javier (Diego Luna) catches Katey (Romola Garai) practicing some dance steps and tells her she is pretty good for an American, Javier gives her some tips.
Movie Description
This Sequel to Dirty Dancing stars a hot young cast and has a sizzling style and rhythm all of its own. In pre-revolution Cuba, Katey Miller (Romola Garai - Vanity Fair) is about to defy everyone`s expectations. Instead of a parent-approved suitor (Jonathan Jackson - Tuck Everlasting), Katey is drawn to the sexy Javier, a waiter who spends his nights dancing in Havana`s nightclubs. And as Katey secretly learns to dance with Javier, she learns the meanings of love, sensuality and independence. Also starring January Jones (American Wedding), Mika Boorem (Sleepover) and Grammy Award-winning singer Mya.