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Comment on Dead Poets Society: O'Captain my Captain

Release: 1989-06-09
Dead Poets Society
O'Captain my Captain Scene
Clip Description
Mr.Keating (Robin Williams) enters the English Classroom to retrieve a few belongings. Todd reveals that the boys were intimidated into signing the denunciation. As Keating is about to exit, Todd (Ethan Hawke) for the first time breaks his reserve, calls out "O Captain! My Captain!" and stands on his desk. Much of the class climb onto their desks and look to Mr.Keating, Keating leaves visibly touched.
Movie Description
Dead Poets Society tells the story of a group of college friends who grow an extremely close bond with their English professor. The professor, Keating, tells them of a secret society of people who go against the status quo and encourages them to each go on their own path and ‘seize the day.’
Peter Weir
Buena Vista Pictures