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Comment on Crash: Car Jacking

Release: 2004-09-10
Car Jacking Scene
Clip Description
Anthony (Ludacris) and Peter (Larenz Tate) car jack Rick Cabot (Brendan Fraser) and Jean Cabot (Sandra Bullock).
Movie Description
A handful of disparate people's lives intertwine as they deal with the tense race relations. Among the players are: the Caucasian district attorney, who uses race as a political card; his Caucasian wife, who, having recently been carjacked by two black men, believes that her stereotypical views of non-whites is justified and cannot be considered racism; the two black carjackers who use their race both to their advantage and as an excuse; partnered Caucasian police constables, one who is a racist and uses his authority to harass non-whites, and the other who hates his partner because of those racist views, but who may have the same underlying values in his subconscious; a black film director and his black wife, who believes her husband doesn't support their black background enough.
Paul Haggis
Lions Gate Films