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Comment on Basic Instinct: Final

Release: 1992-03-20
Basic Instinct
Final Scene
Clip Description
The conversation turns toward their possible future as a couple for Nick (Michael Douglas) and Catherine (Sharon Stone). While talking Nick turns his back on Catherine as she slowly reaches for something underneath the bed. He suggests their future will comprise sex and children. Catherine says she hates children and Nick then suggests their future will then just involve sex. At this Catherine stops reaching for something under the bed and the two resume making love. Under the bed though was an ice pick.
Movie Description
Basic Instinct is an erotic thriller from 1992 about a sex-crazed murderer and a police officer who’s getting a little too personal with one of the suspects in a murder. As tensions boil Sharon Stone, who plays the main suspect and an author, gives a powerful and sleek performance of a woman who knows her looks can get her off the hook and help her write and finish her book.
Paul Verhoeven
Carolco Pictures, Le Studio Canal+