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Release: 2012-03-12
21 Jump Street
Drug Scene
Clip Description
Jenko(Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) are forced to take a new type of drug called HFS in order not to blow their cover. During this scene, they experience 2 of the drug's phases while talking to the PE teacher who stopped them to check their hall pass. The PE teacher asks them at the end "Are you on drugs?"
Movie Description
In high school, Schmidt was a dork and Jenko was the popular jock. After graduation, both of them joined the police force and ended up as partners riding bicycles in the city park. Since they are young and look like high school students, they are assigned to an undercover unit to infiltrate a drug ring that is supplying high school students synthetic drugs.
Columbia Pictures, Relativity Media, Original Film, Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)