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Comment on 2 Days in the Valley: Golf Ball

Release: 1996-09-12
2 Days in the Valley
Golf Ball Scene
Clip Description
Strayer (Jeff Daniels) confronts golfers for hitting balls in his yard, and through his window.
Movie Description
John Herzfeld deftly welds together a multitude of subplots-- a loser hitman and a cool assassin involved in an insurance scam; a washed-up director, turned suicidal, if only he had someone to care for his beloved dog; a snooty art dealer, wracked by kidney stones, cared for by his devoted assistant; a grungy deranged vice cop, now partnered with a fresh-faced rookie; and two beautiful and jealous women entangled in their deadly scheme--into a spoof of the crime thriller genre.
Rysher Entertainment, Redemption Pictures