About Us

Here at Klipd.com we are a team of loyal movie enthusiasts who are devoted to sharing one of our favorite past times, viewing movie scenes, with you the viewers. Have you ever found yourself watching a movie and then rewinding a part because you loved it so much? Or maybe you are just the type of person who likes to quote movies in your everyday life. Whichever kind of movie watcher you are, here at Klipd.com we want to provide you with a place to come where you can easily search and find your favorite movie clips and also discover movie scenes you might not have seen before.

Our team has spent countless hours growing our movie scene database and we are currently in the process of converting all of our scenes to High Definition quality film. Here at Klipd.com we are constantly working to expand our database and bring you the latest scenes as well as the classics. Klipd.com allows users to search for movie clips by movie title, genre, actor, actress or scene description. In the alternative, our team has created categories where scenes are grouped according to the "best of" movie memories for an easy and pleasurable viewing experience.

We hope you enjoy your experience on Klipd.com. Please check back often for new scenes. We appreciate any feedback you may have to offer in order to help us improve our site.

Happy viewing!